In the World of Finance, particularly in the field of Personal Finance, you will find many con men and women specialize in ensuring that you part with your hard earned money and resources. You should be able to identify and spot them before you fall prey to such Cons, Frauds and Lies. Some of the Typical Cons are listed below.

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Typical ConsEdit

Typical Cons will try to induce you to get involved in one or more of the following:

  • Bargain Holidays
  • Bogus Competitions
  • Bogus Discounts, generally on household goods
  • Bogus Work-From-Home Schemes
  • Charity Collection
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • E-cons
  • Free Holidays
  • Loan sharks
  • One Day Sales
  • Money-Minting (read making) Plans
  • Rogue Car Dealers
  • Special Offers (at the Mall & Supermarkets)
  • Under weighing fruit and vegetables
  • Doubtful Doorstep Sellers

Once you fall prey to these cons, they shall fleece you out of your money. One should keep in mind that these rogues are specialists and continue to devise novel plans and designs to part you with your money.


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