Sisters of Charity

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
The Bible - I Corinthians (ch. XIII, v. 13)

Money saved and money earned can be money spent on a better world, and Giving to charity is one of the ways to make the world better. Giving to charity may be incorporated in one's life, and one should always try to look forward to giving. In most of the religions of the world, giving to charity has occupied a high place, and even in modern society, giving to charity continues to a regular practice.


Giving to charity is surely a way to make the world a better place for many person who may need your charities. However, it is a good practice to go a little deeper before parting with your hard earned money. The following is an indicative list of check points before giving to charity:

  • Make yourself familiar with "tax exempt" and "tax deductible" charities. The former means the organizations receiving charities are exempt from paying tax on the charities so received while the later means that the amount you are giving to charity may be deducted from your income.
  • Ensure to investigate the name of the charitable organization to which you may be giving as many dubious charitable organizations select names which look and sound like the established charitable organizations.
  • Ensure to verify the the identification of the person soliciting charity on behalf of any organization.
  • Similarly verify the details like the address, phone numbers, purpose, etc. of the charitable organizations.
  • Please be careful about those organizations which may be raising charities stirring your sentiments like patriotism, religious faith, etc.


It is always advisable to verify the standing of charitable organizations to which you may be planning to give. Certain watchdog organizations keep a watch over the activities of organizations soliciting charities, and some of them are;

  • BBB Wise Giving Alliance [1]
  • American Institute of Philanthropy [2]
  • GuideStar [3]

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